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Ismael Haniya’s Escape: Inside the High-Stakes Drama of Gaza’s Underground World

Gaza Tunnels Operation: Israel continues to bombard Gaza. On the other hand, rockets are also being fired from Hamas. Meanwhile, Israel has intensified its operation in Gaza. The Israeli army has entered Gaza and is finding and killing the terrorists in the tunnel. Palestine has claimed that Israeli army tanks have also infiltrated Gaza. It is being told that Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh has gone out of his grip after seeing such a fierce attack. Meanwhile, Israel has claimed to have killed Hamas’ air chief Issam Abu Raqba. Abu Rakba used to make drones, parachutes and air defense systems for Hamas. He was also the mastermind of the attack on Israel on October 7. Apart from this, Hamas terrorists entered Israel with the help of parachutes prepared by him and attacked.

Terrorist bases being selectively destroyed.

Let us know that after shaking Gaza with air strikes, the Israeli army has now started taking all-round action on Hamas bases. On the 21st day of the war, the Israeli army attacked Hamas targets simultaneously from water, land and sky. In the darkness of the night, Israeli army personnel entered the Gaza Strip with tanks and selectively destroyed the bases of Hamas terrorists.

Commander Madhath Mubashar killed.

In addition, Madhath Mubashar, commander of Hamas’s western Khan Younis battalion, was killed in an IDF airstrike. After this, the Israeli Navy targeted Hamas positions in southern Gaza. Hamas militants are suspected to be hiding in Gaza. All those bases are being targeted. Israeli fighter jets targeted refugee camps in Gaza City where the terrorists were reported to be hiding.

Israel intensifies ground operations.

Terrorists set up base in school-hospital.

In fact, Hamas terrorists have made schools, universities, mosques and hospitals a base and from there the conspiracy of attacks is being carried out. The Israeli military released a video, through which it was claimed that Hamas militants have made Gaza’s largest hospital Al Shifa their base. Israel claims that this underground base has all the facilities for the terrorists that provide them safe havens. Hamas has four underground complexes in this hospital.

Explain that Underground Complex-1, it is below the internal department of Al Shifa Hospital. There is also a terrorist hideout below the Underground Complex-2, Chest and Dialysis Department. Terrorist complexes are also built under underground complex-3, mortuary and pathology department. The hideout of the terrorists is also present near the Underground Complex-4, Rest Area.

Hamas militants operate in a network of terror tunnels inside and below the Shifa hospital and other hospitals in Gaza, Hegari said. Hamas also has access to those terrorist tunnels from inside hospital wards. Which means that from different places in the hospital you can go to these underground tunnels which will keep you safe.

Let us know that more than 7,8 people have lost their lives in the israel-Hamas war since October 7. More than 3,1 people have died in the Gaza Strip, including about 500,1400 children and 200, women. While more than have died in Israel. At the same time, more than Israeli and foreign nationals are still in the custody of Hamas militants.