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iPhone’s Midnight Surprise: Why Users Are Left in Awe of Sudden Shutdowns


In recent times, Apple users across the globe have been facing a rather unusual issue with their iPhones. The problem at hand is that their devices are shutting down automatically and restarting during the night. What may seem like a minor inconvenience at first can become quite troublesome, as some iPhones may stay off for extended periods, causing considerable distress to users.

The iPhone Troubles

According to reports from 9to5Mac and various incidents shared by iPhone users, there is a growing concern regarding iPhones shutting down temporarily during the night. This issue can potentially disrupt alarms and other vital iPhone functionalities. In a Reddit thread, a user shared their frustration as two different iPhones failed to work as expected, with their alarms failing to go off. Several other users have reported similar issues, suggesting that this could be a software-related problem. However, Apple has not yet issued an official statement regarding this matter.

Frequent Restarting

A Reddit user has issued a warning that many iPhones are shutting down for a few hours during the night. They mentioned that in their case, the phone automatically turned back on a minute before their alarm was supposed to ring. Another iOS user reported that their iPhone shut down on its own between approximately 3 AM and 7 AM, requiring them to re-enter their SIM card pin. This is not the first time such occurrences have happened, as per the user’s account.

Company’s Silence

It is essential to note that this issue is not limited to the latest iPhone 15 series. Users with older iPhone models have also reported similar problems. It is possible that this issue is related to a potential bug in iOS 17, which might be affecting battery usage metrics, causing iPhones to shut down automatically for extended periods. However, not all users are facing this problem, and it seems to occur predominantly at night. As of now, Apple has not released any official statement addressing this issue.

Possible Causes

The exact cause of this recurring problem remains unclear. However, it might be attributed to software bugs or glitches within iOS, which are causing iPhones to shut down temporarily. These bugs could be affecting the way iPhones manage their power and trigger an automatic shutdown during the night, leading to inconvenience for users.


The issue of iPhones automatically shutting down and restarting during the night is a growing concern among Apple users. While the problem is not limited to the latest iPhone models, it seems to be related to iOS 17, possibly affecting battery usage metrics. Apple has not yet provided any official statement on the matter, leaving users perplexed about the cause and solution to this recurring issue.