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Inside PM Modi’s Gift Treasury: Unveiling the Mystery Behind Auctioned Presents

2534594 Modi 1Unlocking the Mysteries of PM Modi’s Gift Auction: A to Z Insights

The Enigmatic Gifts to PM Narendra Modi

In the realm of Indian politics, Prime Minister Narendra Modi often finds himself bestowed with a variety of gifts wherever he goes. From common citizens to prominent business figures, everyone extends tokens of appreciation. But have you ever wondered what happens to these gifts? Do they find a place in the Prime Minister’s collection, or is there a different fate awaiting them? Let’s unravel the A to Z of the gifts received by PM Modi.

 Where are PM Modi’s Gifts Stored?

Gifts received by the Prime Minister find a home in the “Toshakhana” or Treasure House. This repository serves as a storage space for these tokens of admiration. Subsequently, these gifts undergo auction, and the proceeds contribute to the Namami Gange Project. The Namami Gange Project, initiated in 2014 with a budget of ₹20,000 crores, aims to purify the Ganges River.

 Auctioning of Gifts: A Timely Tradition

The auctioning of gifts to PM Modi is not a random occurrence. In October last year, a significant auction took place, marking the third instance during Modi’s tenure. The first auction transpired in 2019, featuring 1809 gifts. The second, in 2020, showcased 2772 gifts, followed by the third in 2021, with 1348 items. The latest auction in 2022 featured 1200 gifts, highlighting the periodicity of these events.

When Can You Bid for PM Modi’s Gifts?

Surprisingly, you can participate in the auction of gifts received by PM Modi. The process has been streamlined through the website The Ministry of Culture is responsible for conducting the auction, allowing enthusiasts to place bids online for the cherished gifts.

 PM Modi’s Mention of Toshakhana

During a rally in Telangana, PM Modi acknowledged the Toshakhana and its significance. He expressed his commitment to the “Nation First” mantra, revealing that the gifts he receives are stored in the Toshakhana. Subsequently, the auction proceeds are dedicated to the service of the Ganges.

A Glimpse into PM Modi’s Gift Journey

In conclusion, the journey of gifts received by Prime Minister Narendra Modi takes an intriguing path from the Toshakhana to the auction block, contributing to the noble cause of the Namami Gange Project. The act of auctioning serves as a testament to transparency and a unique approach to utilizing gifts for the greater good.