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Inflation relief: Udaipur ranks third in the state


Udaipur: On the initiative of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, another enthusiasm is being seen in the inflation relief camps being held to provide relief to the common people. Common people are taking interest in these camps and huge crowds are pouring in. As of Friday evening, 28 lakh 7 thousand 114 guarantee cards have been issued under the inflation relief camp in the district.

District Collector Tarachand Meena said that inflation relief camps are being organized in Udaipur district from April 24 to June 30. So far 28 lakh 7 thousand 114 guarantee cards have been given in the camp. With this, Udaipur has reached the third position in the state in terms of providing relief. Jaipur is first and Nagaur is second. Distribution of Chief Minister Beneficiary Guarantee Card to all the beneficiaries is being ensured by the camp in-charge. It may be noted that any member of the family can enroll for these ten Lok Kalyan Yojanas.

Collector said that so far 500713 for Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Health Insurance, 500713 for Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Accident Insurance, 217662 for Indira Gandhi Gas Cylinder Subsidy Scheme, 342200 for Chief Minister Free Electricity Scheme, 34417 for Chief Minister of Annapur, 34417 for Free Electricity Scheme, Chief Minister of Annapur 34417 for Free Electricity Yojana, Food Packet Yojana, 320494 for CM Kamadhenu Bima Yojana, 195795 for Social Security Pension Yojana, 253057 for CM Rural Employment Guarantee Yojana, 10635 for Indira Gandhi Urban Employment Guarantee Yojana. Collector Meena has given a call that inflation relief camps in Udaipur district should remain operational till June 30. General public can visit these permanent camps and get their registration done.