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Inflation Hits Hard: Pakistanis Face Steep Prices for Tomatoes and Potatoes this Bakra Eid

Tomatoes Tomato Market Fruit MPakistan Vegetable Price: Bakrid is being celebrated in Pakistan on 17 June. However, due to the severe economic crisis in the country, people are forced to celebrate this festival amidst rampant inflation. According to Pakistani media, a day before Eid al-Adha, the price of tomatoes has increased to more than Rs 200 per kilogram. This happened when the district government had fixed the price of tomatoes at Rs 100 per kilogram.

According to the Express Tribune, seeing this situation, the Deputy Commissioner of Peshawar had to impose Section 144 and ban the transportation of tomatoes from the district.

According to the report, fruit and vegetable vendors in Lahore are taking advantage of the lack of government monitoring and charging arbitrary prices.

Government efforts to control prices are futile
Despite government efforts to control prices, market prices remain uncontrolled. Prices of green chillies and lemons have doubled compared to the official rates, while shopkeepers are charging 40-50% more for ginger and garlic.

The price of chicken meat has seen an increase of Rs 56 per kg, with official rates being Rs 494 per kg but it is being sold in the market at Rs 520-700 per kg.

The price of A-grade potatoes has been fixed at Rs 75-80 per kg, but it is being sold at Rs 130-140 per kg.

There has been a reduction in the government rates of onion, the price of A-grade onion has been fixed at Rs 100-105 per kg, but it is being sold at Rs 150 per kg in the markets across the metropolis.

Every year the report tells the same story  
that every year during Ramzan and Eid-ul-Azha, the public is hit by inflation but the officials do not pay any attention to it, although they do make big claims. Officials make big claims to the contrary.

The price of tomatoes doubled in the local retail market, raising fears that both tomatoes and onions would be sold in black during Eid-ul-Azha.

Tomatoes got costlier by Rs 100 in a single day
Local residents told The Express Tribune that tomato prices had increased by Rs 100 per kilogram in a single day and now it seems that the efforts of the district administration will again be limited to verbal instructions.