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India’s export share decreased in pharma, jewellery, footwear trade


According to think tank GTRI, India’s export share in global trade is declining in sectors such as pharma, gems and jewellery, and leather-footwear. However, on the other hand, it states that the share of exports of electronics, machinery, petroleum, auto parts, iron and steel and aluminum products is increasing. The share of the Indian pharma industry in world trade in 2015 was 2.79 per cent. Which is likely to decrease to 2.25 percent in 2022.

According to the Global Trade Research Initiative (GTRI), India’s share of apparel, leather, footwear and marine products in the global market is declining. The report states that the main reason for this is quality. According to the report, the country’s share in global trade in electronics, telecom, mobile phones and electric equipment and machinery is increasing. The above sectors have a significant share in world trade. The total size of which is more than 6 trillion dollars. India has historically had a low stake in these areas. However, it is slowly but surely increasing its share. India’s share in global merchandise trade in 2022 was 1.8 percent. However, in 2015, the country’s share in machinery and electronics was 0.75 percent and 0.4 percent, respectively. There has been a slight but significant improvement in the share of these sectors.