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Inauspicious Shadashtak Yoga, Shani-Mars will give inauspicious results in the life of these 4 zodiac signs


Saturn and Mars are creating an inauspicious Shadashtak Yoga which will last till June 30. On May 10, at 02.13 pm, Mars is transiting in Cancer and Saturn is sitting in its own sign, Aquarius. Due to the presence of Mars in Cancer and Saturn in Aquarius, an inauspicious Shadashtak Yoga has been formed, which can cause trouble for 4 zodiac signs. They may have to face many problems in their life. There is a sense of enmity between Saturn and Mars. What will be the inauspicious effect on the zodiac signs of inauspicious Shadashtak Yoga?

How long is Shadashtak Yoga?

Saturn is sitting in its zodiac sign Aquarius and Mars will remain in Cancer till 30th June. It will enter Leo on July 1 at 02:37. In such a situation, there will be Shadashtak Yoga from 10th May to 30th June. Shadashtak Yoga will end from 1st July.

How Shadashtak Yoga is formed?

According to astrology, when two planets are separated from each other in the sixth house and the eighth house in the horoscope, then this inauspicious Shadashtak Yoga is formed. This time Shadashtak Yoga has been formed from the position of Saturn and Mars. In this yoga, the person may have to face many types of problems which can be mental, physical and financial.

Shadashtak Yoga 2023 inauspicious effect on zodiac sign

Shadashtak Yoga of Shani and Mars can have a negative effect on 4 zodiac signs Cancer, Leo, Aquarius and Sagittarius. Let’s know about the side effects on them.


Due to Shadashtak Yoga, there is a possibility of loss of money for the natives of your zodiac sign. Do not make any big investment between 10th May to 30th June. This can be a losing business. Also, there can be some disputes related to property. Stress in married life can have a bad effect on health. In such a situation, you should face problems with peace and patience.


Due to Shadashtak Yoga, the people of Leo zodiac may have to face many challenges in their career, due to which there will be obstacles in work. The mind will remain sad. During this time, your financial condition can also become weak due to extravagance. It has to be controlled. Relations with family members may sour which may lead to tension. Gotta be careful.


People of your sign may have to face financial crunch due to Shadashtak Yoga. Your expenses will increase due to which a debt situation may arise. You will be troubled by the non-cooperation of colleagues at the workplace. Do your work with a calm mind and everything will become easy. You should also avoid investing till June 30.


The Shadashtak Yoga of Saturn and Mars is going to make your zodiac sign cautious as there is a possibility of an accident. Drive carefully. Relationship with life partner may remain bad till 30th June due to which marital life may become stressful. Control your anger and behavior at the workplace, otherwise the work will get spoiled.