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In the latest round of layoffs in Meta, more than 11,000 people will be laid off.


The round of layoffs has started again at Meta, a company led by billionaire Mark Zuckerberg. The company announced a second round of job cuts of around 10,000. This is the latest wave of layoffs at the company that provides platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp and is being implemented in three phases. The company had laid off 11,000 employees in the first round.

Zuckerberg hinted in March

Meta Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg said about the layoffs in March 2023 that the company’s second round of layoffs would be completed in a few months. Along with this, he indicated that some small rounds of retrenchment may continue later. After laying off 11,000 employees in the first round, it has once again become the first big tech company to start laying off 10,000 people.

The effect of retrenchment on these departments

The second phase of layoffs has begun on Facebook, which is expected to affect employees working in many departments of the company. Several employees on LinkedIn reported that the layoffs are affecting marketing, sales, site security, program management and corporate communications teams, and many have lost their jobs. Facebook India has also been affected by this new round of layoffs. The report quoted sources as saying that the new layoffs are part of an earlier announcement. This time in India administration, HR, marketing and other employees are affected.

What did the company management say?

Lori Gowley, Meta’s head of people, said last April that it would be a difficult time as we say goodbye to friends and colleagues who have contributed so much to Meta. The company has banned hiring in the company since the first quarter itself. Significantly, this major layoff was already indicated in Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Year of Efficiency’ post. In the post, they said that we expect to announce restructuring and layoffs in our technical groups in late April and in our business groups in late May.

Big companies of the world cut

The phase of retrenchment in big companies that started in 2022 is still going on due to cost cutting amidst the shadow of worldwide recession. From Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Amazon to Meta, the world has seen major layoffs in the past and the pain of employees being laid off by these big companies is making headlines on social media. Facebook has laid off 11,000 employees from the company in November 2022, the first major layoff since its founding.