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Ilhan Omar’s Controversial PoK Trip: Unveiling Pakistan’s ‘Toxic’ Agenda Against India

Ilhan Omar’s Visit to PoK and Pakistan: Unveiling Propaganda

Despite the passage of a considerable amount of time since the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan’s attempts to create an anti-India narrative on various international platforms have not ceased. However, the world is now seeing through their tactics, and many countries, except for China and Turkey, are unwilling to listen to their narrative. Pakistan’s latest strategy of using foreign parliamentarians to speak against India has been exposed. A report from the United States sheds light on this matter.

Speaking Against India on Pakistan’s Expense

Last year, American Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, known for openly criticizing India, visited Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) due to Pakistan’s funding. The US government’s annual report has revealed startling details about Omar’s visit. It discloses that Pakistan funded her trip to PoK between April 18 and 24 last year, arranging everything from her travel to accommodation and meals. This makes it clear that she didn’t visit Pakistan to speak against India on her own accord; she was being used by Pakistan to spread propaganda.

India’s Response to Ilhan Omar

India had strongly opposed Ilhan Omar’s trip to PoK and her anti-India statements. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs had criticized her actions and emphasized that “Kashmir is an internal matter of India, and no one can violate India’s territorial integrity.”

It’s worth noting that India has consistently clarified on the global stage that Kashmir is an integral part of its territory. Other countries do not have the right to comment on this matter.

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