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If you also eat roti or bhakri made of frozen flour, then read once about the damage caused by it.


Refrigerated Roti Dough: Many people have this habit. Sometimes, due to laziness, women tie the afternoon and evening dough together so that they do not have to tie the dough again in the evening. Or many people keep the raised flour in the freezer and later mix all the raised flour together to make roti or bhakri. If stale flour is used in your house in this way, then be very careful. Frozen flour is harmful to your body. Let us tell you today that how much damage is caused by using flour kept in the freezer.


Generally, dough is kneaded to make rotli-bakhri at home. However, whatever dough swells after eating food, we keep it in the fridge. Therefore it can be consumed in the evening. There are many people who tie lota together in the morning and evening so that time is saved and they do not have to waste time separately in the afternoon and evening.

What does Ayurveda say?

Ayurveda also says not to use refrigerated flour. Ayurveda says that whenever you make bread, make it from fresh flour only. Do not use refrigerated flour. Flour kept in the fridge becomes stale and its taste is very different from fresh flour.

religious reasons

It is said in the scriptures that stale food is like a ghost. Apart from this, many people also say that whenever you keep the risen flour in the fridge, lumps form in it. After that the food of this body comes for the ghost. If a person eats this food, he also becomes like a ghost. Laziness and disease always reside in that house.

scientific fact

Experts say that it should be used only when you add water to the flour. It is said because there are many chemical changes inside the flour which prove to be harmful for our health. Whenever the flour is kept in the refrigerator, the harmful rays present in the refrigerator mix in it. Because of this, the flour kept in the fridge creates the risk of many diseases.

Due to stale flour, many people get gas problem. That’s why it is said that kneading dough while making bread and always eating fresh bread is beneficial for health.