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If these marks are on the marriage line, such difficulties come in married life! must know

Marriage line in Hand in Hindi: Delay in marriage or problems in married life, being in any other relationship after marriage. These are such problems, due to which there are a large number of people who are troubled. With the help of astrology, palmistry, etc. people are curious to know about their marriage and life after that. It can be known from the marriage line and the marks on it when the native will get married and how his married life will be. 

Know your married life from the marriage line  

The marriage line is under the little finger of the hand from inside to outside of the palm. Sometimes there are more than one marriage line in the hand. Through these, it can be known how many affairs the native will have or how the married life will be. Or there will be a chance of breaking his marriage. 

– If there is more than one marriage line in the palm, then there are chances of the person having many affairs and getting married to one. Such people live in many relationships. 

– If there is a sign of an island on the marriage line or the marriage line ends on the sign of an island, then the person gets married in acquaintance or in relatives. Usually, such people get married at a young age. 

On the other hand, it is inauspicious to have the sign of an island in the middle of the marriage line. There are many difficulties in the married life of such people. But if the dialogue is kept then the problem gets solved. 

– If there is a black round mark or cross mark on the marriage line, then the life of such people is spent in trouble in the matter of marriage. They have to lead a lonely life. Either they do not marry at all, or even if marriage happens, the partner dies due to some illness or accident. 

Having a square mark on the marriage line is considered very auspicious. Such people prove to be very good friends of their life partners and lead a happy life.