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If there is only one gotra in Hindu religion then why don’t they marry?; understand the reason and importance


what is gotra Gotra has special importance in Hinduism. From religious rituals to marriage ceremonies, astrologers take a look at your gotra. Marriages do not take place in Hinduism if there is no gotra. If the boy and the girl belong to the same gotra, they cannot get married. That’s why while collecting the cards of the bride and groom, first of all they see the gotra. Let us know why gotra has special importance for marriage in Hinduism…

What are gotras?

According to astrology, there are clans according to the names of the Saptarishis. Saptarshi Gautam, Kashyap, Vashishtha, Bhardwaj, Atri, Angiras, Mrigu etc. clans have been prevalent since the Vedic period. It is believed that gotras are established to prevent marriages within the same family or blood relations. Along with this, this rule was also promulgated with it that marriage is prohibited for Sagotriya boys and girls.

What is the meaning of gotra?

If a son and a daughter have the same gotra, it means that their ancestors belong to the same family. Therefore, it is believed that there is a brother-sister relationship between the boys and girls of the same gotra. It is also said that if the marriage takes place in the same gotra, then the child born of that couple will be vayang. According to some scholars, the gotra changes after seven generations. That is, if there is only one gotra in seven generations, then in the eighth generation one can consider marrying a person of the same gotra. Many do not agree on this.

marriage leaving three gotras

Most of the marriages in Hinduism are done outside the five or three gotras. Among the three gotras, the first gotra is your father’s gotra, the second is your mother’s gotra (mother’s family members) and the third gotra is your grandmother’s gotra (grandmother’s family members).

kashyap gotra

In today’s society, usually everyone knows their gotra. But it may also happen that one does not know his gotra. In such a situation, he should consider his gotra as Kashyap. There is a reason to say that which is probably true. It is said that Sage Kashyapa had many marriages that produced many children and these children were somehow related to the Kashyapa gotra.

scientific importance

Some scholars also say that there is a scientific basis for not marrying in the same gotra. Some say that marrying in the same gotra or blood relation can cause physical or mental handicap in the next born child. The defects and diseases of that clan come to the next generation. It is also called genetic disease. That’s why to avoid this, they leave the three regions and get married. Some scholars say that by marrying in different clans, the ability to get rid of defects and diseases in the child increases and the child is born healthy.