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If the match does not happen even on the reserve day, then how will the champion of IPL be decided?


The final match of IPL 2023 is going to be held on Reserve Day. Reserve Day i.e. 29 May today where the timing of the match will remain the same as before and the ground will also remain the same. But the big question is, will the situation change? What will happen if the weather does not change in Ahmedabad? What if the match doesn’t happen even on the reserve day? Then how will the new champion of IPL be decided? The way the final match of IPL 2023 was washed out due to rain on its scheduled day, after that such questions are justified. Dark clouds descended on Ahmedabad as the final match between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans was about to begin on May 28. Once it rained, it did not stop. The result was that a decision had to be taken to postpone the match on Reserve Day.

This will be the fourth time in the history of IPL

The title clash between Chennai and Gujarat is being held on Reserve Day. With this, this is the fourth time that the IPL final will be played on a day other than Sunday. This will be the first IPL final to be played on a Monday.

If the final is not played even on the reserve day…

If this final match is held on the reserve day then whoever wants to become champion either Chennai or Gujarat can play better. But, what if the status of Reserve Day also remains the same as that of May 28? Because this match is going to happen in Ahmedabad city only.

Gujarat Titans will win without playing

Even on the reserve day, if it rains during the match and due to this the match cannot be played, then the winner will be decided on the basis of their ranking in the points table. That is, the team which comes first in the points table will be declared the winner. In such a situation, Gujarat Titans will win even without playing. Because, Gujarat team is at number one in the points table, while Chennai Super Kings is at number two.