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If our PM goes, everyone thinks he will be begging to appreciate Modi’s visit to Pakistan


Recently when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Papua New Guinea and the way he was welcomed. The tour started a worldwide buzz. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was given a grand welcome at all places and his exploits were also seen in Pakistan. The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea greeted him by touching his feet. After that when he went to Australia, the then Prime Minister Anthony Albanese called him the boss. At the same time the people of Australia also praised PM Modi and today the PM of India has achieved a different position in the world.

PM Modi’s sting

Pakistani YouTuber Sana Amjad wants to know people’s opinion about PM Modi’s visit. The people here told him that when PM Modi became the Prime Minister of the country for the first time, had no one in the world accepted that a tea seller would run the country? People were not ready to accept that PM Modi is a visionary leader. With the change of time it has been proved that PM Modi was underestimated which was wrong. Today India has become the hub of IT sector. It is working very well in Kashmir also.

International community listens to India

In the last 8 years, India has reached the point where it is trying to prove Pakistan as a terrorist country. Interestingly, the international community is also listening to him. Today Pakistan is suffering the brunt of the mistake of weakening Modi, the people there have said this in a YouTube interview. India’s law and order, lobbying and other aspects are much better than Pakistan. India has made a lot of progress since the arrival of PM Modi. The government of the country has adopted the policy of hyper-nationalism and it is getting its benefits.

Pakistan failed in Kashmir

According to the people of Pakistan, relations with India are incomplete without Kashmir. According to the people of Pakistan, Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan are very emotive issues. Without resolving this there can be no peace in South Asia. That is why it is impossible to talk about Pakistan and India without Kashmir. But now the world is listening to India on the Kashmir issue. This is happening because India is economically strong.

Why doesn’t the PM of Pakistan get respect?

In this interview, the public was asked why the PM of Pakistan does not get the same respect as the Prime Minister of India? The answer was something like this, ‘India is far ahead of Pakistan economically. When the PM of our country goes somewhere, everyone thinks that he has come to ask for money. We are a country that everyone in the world has to pay for. The Prime Minister of our country cannot make foreign policy properly. Nobody wants to talk to you at all.