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Husband’s friend comes home everyday, keep privacy like this


It is common for a guest to come to the house. It’s fine to have a friend come over on your husband’s day off and have fun over lunch or dinner, but the problem is when a friend comes over every day and keeps coming over. In such a situation, the wife not only has to welcome his arrival, but privacy also starts to end. Because of this, there are fights and quarrels between husband and wife. So know some tips by which you can maintain your privacy.

talk to your husband about this issue

If you are losing your privacy because of your husband’s friends, the best way to deal with it is to have a loving talk with them instead of fighting them. Explain to them that they don’t like their friends visiting them every day, it invades their privacy. It is okay for friends to meet once in a while but not every day.

Talk to husband and set rules for meeting friends

There is no need to fight with your husband when your husband’s friends come over. For that you should talk to your husband and prepare rules for visiting friends house. You set some rules for your household. Like a friend comes home 2-3 times a month. It is not proper to come everyday. This will keep peace in the house. With this, the husband will also be able to spend time with his friends at home.

Fix day with husband for your friends to visit

When the husband decides on a day to invite his friends, it will maintain the privacy of the household. You fix a day of the week, after fixing a day don’t let any friend enter the house. In this way both of you will be able to spend quality time and also maintain the relationship. Fights with friends will also stop.