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Husband Mazhar Khan used to beat Zeenat Aman, she had injured her eye; the mark is still there

2992603 Zeenat AmanZeenat Aman Husband Mazhar Khan: Beautiful actress Aman, who ruled the hearts of her fans in Hindi cinema in the 70s and 80s, started her career with the 1971 film ‘Halchal’, in which she played a very small role. After this, Zeenat appeared in many hit and super-hit films. She gained a lot of recognition with her strong acting and bold style.

She worked in many films like ‘Don’, ‘Roti Kapda Aur Makaan’, and ‘And Laawarish’. In her long career, Zeenat worked in dozens of films, but the actress has been in the headlines more for her personal life than her professional life. Not only this, Zeenat made the most headlines for her marriage, which made her life hell. She married the actor of that era, Mazhar Khan, in the year 1985. 

Zeenat-Mazhar’s marriage made headlines

Although Mazhar Khan had not worked in a single hit film in his career, Zeenat chose him as her life partner. Zeenat and Mazhar first met in the film ‘Shaan’. During this time, both of them fell in love and decided to get married. Their marriage garnered a lot of limelight, but Zeenat did not know that the coming life was going to be full of difficulties for her.

Mazhar Khan getting beaten up

Within a few years of marriage, he started beating Zeenat. Zeenat married Mazhar knowingly against her family, but within a few years, disputes between the two started increasing. Mazhar started beating Zeenat. After marriage, Zeenat and Mazhar had two children, but even this did not change Mazhar’s behavior. Mazhar did not want Zeenat to work in films.

There is still a mark on the eye

After having children, Mazhar wanted the actress to take care of the house, but Zeenat refused to do so and after that the dispute kept on increasing. Zeenat was a top actress of that era, but Mazhar used to do small roles in small films. Not only this, one day during such a fight, Zeenat’s eye got injured, the mark of which is still visible on the actress’s eye.