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How to tell if your friend is secretly in love with you


Of course every relationship starts with friendship. When we like the qualities of a person, we feel that he is very close to us. We develop a deep friendship with him. And that person covers our entire world. Sometimes your friend may be in love with you. They may like to see you as a life partner. So how do you know if your friend is in love with you?

1. The person will be available to you
Knowing that your best friend loves you means that your best friend will be there for you when you need them. They know about your pains, even if you don’t tell them about them. They are equal partners in your every happiness and sorrow. If your friend has all these qualities then it means that he is in love with you.

2. Your friend tells about his happy moments
Your friend is very attached to you. He loves to share every happy moment of his life with you. He wants you to be with him in his happiness.

3. Knows You’re Interested
If your friend has a crush on you, they’ll try to figure out if you’re interested in love. He repeatedly talks about love indirectly. He says you want a girl whose qualities you have. He still asks what kind of qualities you like. Thus he talks about love all day long.

4. Caring for you in front of everyone
Your friend usually cares for you. But even when you are with your group of friends, they do not forget to take special care of you. They love and care for you like you are their childhood companion. They don’t care what others say.

5. Surprise for you
Usually our loved ones like to surprise us. Your friend will also try to give you a similar surprise. He’ll send a special gift to your office. Plus, he’ll prepare a surprise dinner for you. Overall he treats you like a special person.

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6. Listens to you
When we are in pain, we all want someone to be there for us. Your friend will be with you during this time. He is with you not only in your happiness but also in your sorrows. He tries to comfort us as much as he can. He likes to be like this with you for the rest of his life.

7. Possessive about you
If your best friend likes you, they will be very possessive about you. Your friend will not like it if you talk to other boys, go anywhere with them. He did not say this directly. But by their behavior you can know everything.

8. They always have your back
Usually our friends worry about us. They will protect you. But your best friend who loves you will always protect you. He will not tolerate even if you are hurt by someone else.