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How to identify fake online banking messages? Delhi Police told this easy trick

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Online Scam: Nowadays, new methods of online fraud are emerging. To avoid such people, many government departments are trying to make people aware. In this sequence, Delhi Police has recently shared some pictures on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), in which it has been told how you can identify fake online banking messages. Delhi Police said in its post that “Online fraudsters can use Cyrillic Script for phishing attacks. Therefore, before clicking any link, check its URL carefully.”

Delhi Police has also shared two pictures, one of which shows how a message that looks real can be dangerous. The letters of the Cyrillic script are similar to the letters of the languages ​​we see every day. Fraudsters can create a link that looks exactly like the original by writing the website address of a genuine bank in Cyrillic script. This fake address may appear so accurate that many people may not be able to differentiate between it and click on that link. 

What happens if you click on a fake link?

By clicking on these fake links, users are taken to a webpage that mimics the real bank’s website. Then on this fake page, you may be asked to enter information like your bank account number and password. Fraudsters can use this information to fraud you. If two-factor authentication is installed on your bank account, then fraudsters can contact you by posing as bank employees and asking for other important information like OTP and make fake transactions from your account. 

What you should do?

If you receive a text from an unknown number or a message from any bank that contains a link, then check the URL of that link carefully. Pay attention to any spelling mistakes or special characters. If you find the link suspicious then do not click on it and if possible cross-check the bank’s website by searching on Google.