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How to fit your child into the school environment


Children’s mind is very sensitive. At a young age, they do not know the world except at home. They find it difficult to socialize with strangers. At the same time, children have to face many challenges when there are new admissions in the school.

It is very difficult to leave the parents and spend the whole day in a separate place with unknown children. At such a time, how to make children adapt to the new school environment? Here are the tips.

1. Create a routine for the child if
It is a bit difficult if your child goes to pre-school. Leaving home and going to school is painful in some way for most children. You may cry and be stubborn before going to school. In such a situation, they should be happy as soon as they wake up in the morning. Do such activities that keep their mind happy. Then his mood changes. They happily leave for school.

2. Set baby’s bedtime if
If your child wants to wake up in the morning and go to school on time, then make him sleep at the right time in the night. Always follow the same time. Even after sleeping late at night, children insist on getting up the next day. Because of this, there is a lot of confusion since morning to send the children to school. This irritates even the children. If their mood is not good in the morning, they may insist on not going to school.

3. Parents don’t panic
Most parents are certainly nervous when sending their pre-pubescent children to school. There is a fear of how a child living at home for such a long time will adapt to the school environment. That’s why parents are more worried than children. In addition, parents often want you to go to school, where you must be alone. Even a child gets scared if told like this. Anxiety about going to school increases. That’s why parents don’t panic and children don’t panic.


How to help children adjust to the new school environment in Kannada

4. Literacy for school going children
It’s great to practice literacy before sending your kids to school. Must have some familiarity with the letters. Because it is difficult for children to practice only one transport letter after going to school. If they are familiar with the letters before that then there will be no problem.

5. Make children self-reliant
Small children depend on the mother at home. Mothers do everything from their food, refreshments and bath. Mothers do not follow them after they go to school. So adopt some small habits before going to school. Drinking water, keeping himself clean. Care of clothes etc. Practice these with the children.

6. It is a kind of worry to remove children’s anxiety before going to school. In the first two weeks of school, most children do not like going to school. They give one reason or the other every day. They try to avoid school altogether.

In such a situation, parents should console them and remove their worries. Don’t worry, dad will come to school in the afternoon and pick you up, after school I will give you chocolates, ice cream and everything, please calm him down.