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How much sugar should everyone be eating in a day? What dietitians say will blow your mind


health news : For the last few days it is seen that everyone is health conscious. From weight gain to small changes in the body, everything has a tinge of concern and there is nothing wrong with it. Yes, but are you health conscious people on the right track? Make sure to confirm it once. Because, this is where many mistakes happen.

The information available on social media and the internet and the decisions made because of it are often not necessary. But, because of this technical fear, these decisions are taken reluctantly. Rice and sugar are usually the victims of these decisions. Have you made that decision? So now know what nutritionists say. (Health News How much sugar is safe to consume?)

Recently Celebrity Nutritionist (Rujuta Diwekar) has shared a video which clears many misconceptions. Where she is seen talking about sugar. We are constantly hearing that sugar causes weight gain, skin diseases and cancer. Saying that diabetes is not far behind, Rijuta also mentioned about those Jamaatis who do not take sugar from tea and coffee or look for sugar substitutes.

What does science say?

Referring to a recently released observation by the World Health Organisation, he reiterated the guidelines for sugar substitutes. They reported that using these alternative methods did not help in the weight loss process. This time, he again presented the danger of diseases from these choices.



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Referring to WHO, he appealed to those people who are stopping the consumption of mangoes or other fruits due to their sweetness, please do not do so.

Eat seasonal fruits. Reduce the amount of sugar in your daily diet. Statistically speaking, this amount should account for 10 percent of your daily caloric intake. In short, you could be eating 6 to 12 teaspoons of sugar a day, she explained here.

In short, according to him, you need not to wrinkle your nose while eating homemade sweets. Instead, stop consuming readymade ketchup, juice, cookies, chocolate, biscuits. Don’t stop eating the sugar your body naturally gets from different foods. So instead of cheating yourself with wrong habits, move towards a healthy life.