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How much does a bottle of beer cost in Goa? What is the reason for the low rate?


Whenever there is talk of Goa, the views of the beach come in people’s mind. Apart from this, there is a lot of mention of beer in the discussion about Goa trip. People who have not been to Goa think that beer is very cheap in Goa. Many people even go so far as to say that beer is available at the rate of water and people go there and enjoy the beer culture. If you have any question regarding beer in Goa, today you will get answer to every question.

First of all, today we will tell you whether beer is available cheap in Goa or not and if so, how cheap it is. Along with this, you will also answer the question that what is it in Goa that the price of beer is very low and beer is being discussed a lot.

Is beer cheap?

If we talk about the beer available in Goa, then the rate of beer in Goa is less than the rest of the country. Beer rates are very less when compared to Delhi. Although the rate of beer depends on the brand, quality, etc., but the average rate of beer is very low. The difference can also vary by brand, but on average beer rates drop by about 25 percent. That’s why people in Goa prefer to drink beer.
For example, some brands of beer, which cost Rs 130 in Delhi, can be bought for Rs 90-100 in Goa. Rates may vary depending on the packaging of the pint, bottle, etc. Now you can imagine how cheap beer is available in Goa.


Why is beer so cheap?

There are several reasons why beer is cheap in Goa, which is why beer rates are so low. The main reason for this is the tax policy there. In fact, Goa’s tax policy has very low taxes on alcohol, due to which the rates are lower than other states. Let us tell you that liquor does not come under the purview of GST in the country, due to which the state government plays an important role in the rate of liquor. Because of this, the percentage of tax on beer there is very less.

Also, it is not very difficult to get liquor contracts in Goa, due to which there are a lot of liquor shops, due to which the competition can also reduce the rates of liquor. There are so many liquor shops in Goa that you will find a liquor store within a few meters distance, due to which the rates can also be reduced.

Apart from this, beer is also playing an important role in promoting tourism, so people are coming to Goa through it. Due to the promotion of tourism, the rate of beer has not increased much.

Goa also has many local brands of liquor compared to other states, due to which the rate of liquor is bound to be low. The raw material is also easily available there, due to which the production of beer is cheap, which also affects the rate.