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Heatwave: Heatwave is very dangerous for children, parents should take these precautions


Heat Wave: The summer season brings with it heat wave, which can cause many health problems. Older children also remain restless and upset due to this. During this time the chances of children getting sick increases considerably. This is simply because babies are more sensitive to temperature changes and they start dehydrating quickly. After this they face difficulties in normal routine like going to school and playing outside.

Ways to protect children from heat stroke


Hydration is the first step in protecting children from heat stroke. Children get dehydrated more quickly than adults. So make sure your child is drinking plenty of water. Whether your child is six months old or ten years old. From eating to drinking water, make sure he is taking in enough fluids.

wear the right clothes

It is necessary to dress children properly in the summer season. In the meantime, choose natural fabrics like cotton that are lightweight, loose, and breathable. Stay away from synthetic clothes as they do not allow the skin to breathe properly and become uncomfortable in summers. Also, cotton clothing helps in absorbing sweat, thereby maintaining a healthy body temperature.

room temperature

Room temperature plays an important role in protecting the baby from overheating. So try to keep the room temperature cool. Can’t depend on fan for this, use air conditioner, cooler or humidifier. Never leave a child alone in a hot car, even for a short time. The temperature inside the car can rise rapidly which can be dangerous or even fatal for them.

Sun protection

Babies have delicate and sensitive skin, which can easily burn during heat waves. So apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30 on their hands, face, neck and any other exposed areas. Consult a dermatologist to choose the right sunscreen for your child. Also, use a hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes and face from the sun’s rays.

cold shower

Bathing with cold water can effectively help children to avoid heat stroke. This will give relief to the child from cold and scorching heat. But keep in mind that do not use too cold water because it can cause tremors in their body.