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Health Tips: Mix a pinch of salt in tea, the body will get many benefits


Drinking tea is a part of Indian culture. Tea lovers neither watch the season nor the time. People like to drink tea not only in the morning but also in the afternoon, evening and before sleeping. Usually milk tea is popular but now green and black tea are becoming more and more popular. Today we will tell you how you can make this tea even tastier and healthier.

salt in tea

Health experts believe that adding a pinch of black salt to tea makes it a healthy drink. If you are also fond of milk tea, green tea or black tea, then this method can be very beneficial for you, especially those who have problems with cold and cough, they are advised to drink black salt mixed with tea. Apart from this, drinking tea mixed with black salt is also beneficial in many other physical problems.

what are the benefits?

Adding a little black salt to tea enhances its taste. Also, drinking such tea increases the metabolism of the body and helps in weight loss.

Adding a pinch of black salt to a cup of green tea makes it even healthier. Black salt contains many special minerals.

Adding black salt to black tea reduces its bitterness. Also, tea gets digested quickly.

Some people experience heartburn and nausea after drinking black tea. But there is no such problem by adding black salt.

How to add salt?

When it is ready, you can add some black salt to it. A small pinch of salt not only enhances its taste but also enhances its health benefits.