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Health Tips: Do you also eat milk and roti at night? So know its advantages and disadvantages


Milk Roti Health Benefits and Risks: The food is eaten in different ways in different parts of India. Some people like to eat roti with vegetables, while some people like to eat roti with lentils. There are some people who mix bread with milk and eat it. In many homes in North India, children are fed milk and roti at night. Milk is considered nutritious. But the question is, does eating bread mixed with milk benefit the body as much as people believe?

It is true that milk is a nutritious food. Many nutrients including calcium, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins are found in it. This is the reason why many health experts recommend drinking milk at night. But there is no comment from science on whether eating roti with milk benefits the body. Milk may be considered nutritious, but it is equally nutritious when eaten with roti. However, if you sleep with a glass of milk at night, then you will get more benefit from it.


drinking milk at night leads to better sleep
A compound is found in milk, which is called casein. It is a type of protein. However, it takes time to digest as compared to protein. Apart from this, casein also contains tryptophan, which is a type of amino acid. It promotes the release of melatonin, the sleep hormone. This is the reason why consuming milk at night gives good sleep.

Is it beneficial to eat roti with milk?
According to a news, if you consume bread and milk to get more benefits, then it does not make any sense. Because drinking roti and milk together will be as beneficial as drinking milk separately. On the other hand, if we talk about bread, wheat flour bread is not so beneficial for diabetes patients. And when bread and milk are eaten together, it increases the amount of carbohydrate and fat which harms the body. There is always a danger of gaining weight due to this. If you prefer to eat roti with milk, replace wheat flour with gram, bajra and jowar flour. This will benefit you a lot.