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Health Alert: Sitting in the air conditioner in summer is harmful, it affects the eyes the most.


This summer season can be challenging for our health in many ways. Extreme heat has been linked to health problems. For people who already have heart disease or diabetes or neurological problems, the high temperature outside can add to the problems. This is the reason why health experts advise everyone to keep taking preventive measures during this summer season.


But do you spend most of the day in the air conditioner (AC) to beat the heat? If yes then be careful staying in AC for a long time can be harmful for you in many ways. How do we know about it?

ac may be bad
Air conditioning gives us relief in the scorching heat and humid weather, but its excessive use also increases some health concerns, which people should be careful about. Studies have shown its side effects on many parts of the body. Apart from this, it becomes necessary to keep proper ventilation in the room along with AC. Otherwise, it may cause triggering of respiratory problems, especially in people who already have problems like asthma-bronchitis.

sick building syndrome problem
If you work in an air-conditioned space with poor ventilation, it can increase your risk of “sick building syndrome.” Due to this, you start having problems like headache, dry cough, dizziness and nausea, difficulty in concentrating, fatigue and sensitivity to smell.

To reduce these risks, CDC experts say, clean filters regularly, keep windows open to let outside air in, and let indoor air out.

harmful to eyes
Most of the side effects of spending more time in the air conditioner are seen on the eyes, such people may have a problem of dryness in the eyes. Not only air conditioners, but excessive use of heaters in winter can also be a danger. The air coming out of these reduces the amount of moisture in the air around you.


Our eyes need moisture in the air to stay hydrated and comfortable, which is why air conditioners tend to exacerbate the problem of dry eyes and its complications.