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Harmonizing Devotion: Witness the Care of Lord Rama with Daily Vedic Chants and Music

Ram Mandir 202109265 SmRamlala’s Daily Routine: A Glimpse into the Life of the Divine Child in Ram Mandir Embracing the Divine Routine

In the sacred precincts of Ram Mandir, the divine aura of Ramlala, a 5-year-old deity, captivates devotees from all corners of the country. As they converge in Ayodhya to seek the blessings of Lord Rama, the meticulous attention given to every aspect of Ramlala’s daily routine becomes a source of profound devotion and admiration.

The Care of a Prince: Ramlala’s All-Encompassing Care

1. Jai Shri Ram: Awakening the Divine Child

Every morning at 4 AM, Ramlala is gently awakened to the resounding chants of ‘Jai Shri Ram.’ The meticulous arrangement of his bedding follows, with a gentle morning massage to start the day.

2. Regal Attire: Adorning the Royal Crown

As a symbolic prince, Ramlala is adorned with a majestic crown or pagdi, reflecting his regal stature. The choice of leaving his hair uncovered or adorned is a delicate decision in line with his princely role.

3. Culinary Delights: Tailoring Meals to Divine Tastes

Ramlala’s daily diet is a celebration of his preferences, with offerings ranging from fruits to rabri, malpua, butter, mishri, and his favorite – malpua. The devotion in preparing his meals reflects the divine culinary indulgence.

4. Puja and Aarti: Divine Rituals Unfold

Following the morning regimen, a sacred ritual and Mangala aarti is performed, culminating in the divine darshan of a white cow and calf, along with the auspicious sight of a golden elephant. The subsequent offerings are then shared with the devotees.

5. Divine Bath and Attire: The Graceful Adornment

In accordance with royal customs, Ramlala undergoes a regal bath, adorned in different colored attires on various days of the week. His divine dressing is an elaborate affair, accompanied by a special shringar aarti.

6. Midday Siesta: A Royal Respite

Around 12:30 PM, Ramlala begins his midday rest, a tranquil period extending until 2:30 PM. Devotees patiently wait as the divine child rests, awakening to the call of devotees, and a fresh round of offerings.

7. Afternoon Darshan: Blessings for Devotees

At 6:30 PM, Ramlala blesses his devotees with the evening aarti. Before this, a brief hiatus ensures his comfort, paving the way for yet another round of offerings.

8. Rajbhog: The Royal Feast

At 11:30 AM, the grand feast for Ramlala, known as Rajbhog, commences, accompanied by recitals of divine verses and musical melodies. The feast is a culmination of a day filled with divine activities.

9. Evening Aarti: A Symphony of Devotion

The day concludes with the soul-stirring evening aarti at 8:30 PM. Post the ritual, Ramlala retires for the night, dressed in comfortable attire and surrounded by the soothing ambiance of his sleeping quarters.

A Divine Symphony of Routine

Ramlala’s daily routine is not just a set of rituals; it’s a divine symphony, resonating with the devotion and love of countless followers. His every waking moment is a testament to the meticulous care and unwavering devotion showered upon him, resembling the life of a true royal, albeit in the divine realm.