Saturday , July 31 2021

Happy Birthday Priyanka Chopra: Fans did the whole day in the name of Priyanka, wrote- We are all proud of you

Actress Savita Bajaj is in discussion about her problems and illness. The actress has been admitted to the hospital a few days back. After being admitted to the hospital, the actress told that she is facing financial crisis.

Savita had also told that she has been helped by some money by CINTAA and she is making a living from this. However, he also said that that money is not enough for his medical bills.

Now actor Sachin Pilgaonkar has given his reaction on Savita’s condition. Talking to India Times, Sachin said, ‘I read about Savita in newspapers. I want the people of the associations to come forward to help and help the artists and technicians. If you ask CINTAA and IMPPA for help, they will definitely do it, for this you do not have to be a member of them.

When Sachin was told that the actors got help from CINTAA and the Writers’ Association, the actor said, “Look, there are two things. The first is not talked about with Cinta and the second is why people don’t keep savings with them. It is easy to point fingers at others, but people do not understand that if you point one finger against the other, then the remaining 4 come on you. This is not a blame game and I am not blaming any artist, but such problems come in life that the same person is blamed because he has allowed such a situation to come with himself.

Sachin further said, ‘You should keep the savings. Anything can happen at any time, you should be ready for it and when you are an actor you know that tomorrow anything can happen to you because there is no confidence in our career.

Sachin further gave some examples explaining the importance of saving funds. He gave examples of veteran actors like Bharat Bhushan and actors like AK Hangal. Sachin further suggested the youngsters to save money and not waste money on expensive phones or other things.

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