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Hand sanitizers are dangerous for the brain, experts warn

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Since the Corona pandemic, sanitizer has become an easy and effective way to keep hands clean. Using sanitizer kills the bacteria and viruses present in the hands, which reduces the risk of infection. However, a recent new study has revealed worryingly that some chemicals found in sanitizers can damage brain cells.

This study is still in its initial stages and was conducted by researchers at Case Western Reserve University. Researchers have found that certain chemicals found in household cleaning products, glue and furniture fabric can harm developing brain cells (called oligo-dendrocytes). During the experiment, scientists tested these chemicals on human cells and rats. In the study, 1823 such chemicals were examined, the toxicity of which was not yet known.

Chemicals kill developing cells.
According to the results of the research, certain chemicals either killed oligodendrocytes or stopped their development. Oligo dendrocytes provide a protective shield to the nerve cells (neurons) of the brain and help in communicating messages at high speed. These cells are very important in the early stages of brain development.

More in-depth research is needed.
Lead author of the research, Erin Cohn, says that we do not yet know whether, through daily use, so many chemicals can accumulate in the body that they can damage brain cells. There is a need for more in-depth research on this. Although this research is still in its initial stages and has been done only in the laboratory, but it teaches us to be cautious. He says that there is no need to panic at the moment, but sanitizer should be used in a balanced manner.

Washing hands with water
is the safest solution. Use sanitizer only if soap and water are not available. Also, choose sanitizers that contain alcohol, as sanitizers that contain alcohol are the most effective. This research also reminds us that every new thing can have some disadvantages along with its benefits. We should always be cautious and keep changing our habits according to new information.