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Haldwani’s Clash Chronicles: Injured Police Officers Speak Out Amidst Tensions

65c4e946a3e01 Haldwani 084629226Haldwani Curfew Unveiled: Unraveling the Chaos in Uttarakhand

In a shocking turn of events, Haldwani, a town in Uttarakhand, finds itself under the grip of a curfew. What began as an attempt to remove encroachments on Thursday escalated into a violent clash, leaving more than 100 police personnel injured. The aftermath witnessed shattered heads and wounded limbs, as agitators cornered both police officers and municipal employees, raining down a barrage of stones. District Magistrate Vandana Singh revealed that the violence was premeditated, with agitators strategically positioned on rooftops.

The Tale of Injured Policemen

Constable Manish Bisht: Targeted and Bloodied

In the melee, Constable Manish Bisht bore the brunt as a stone struck his nose, causing blood to gush forth. His eye now sports a dark bruise, and his jacket remains stained with the evidence of the chaotic encounter. According to Bisht, he and his colleagues found themselves surrounded from all sides.

The Pilfered Magazine: Constable Manoj Rana’s Account

Adding to the chaos, Constable Manoj Rana reported a missing magazine. Looted amidst the turmoil, the magazine became a casualty of the tussle. Rana narrated how he and his comrades were besieged, but miraculously managed to escape unscathed, thanks to the intervention of a Muslim family.

Havoc in Banbhoopura: Municipal Employees Bear the Brunt

Meanwhile, municipal employees in Banbhoopura, Haldwani, involved in dismantling illegal constructions, also fell victim to the violence. Numerous suffered head injuries, while others endured fractured limbs. Employees, speaking to Zee News, detailed the terrifying ordeal of being surrounded and pelted with stones from all directions. One employee expressed the harrowing thought that crossed their minds during the onslaught – whether they would ever see their children’s faces again.

Authorities Respond

District Magistrate Vandana Singh assured that stringent action would be taken against the instigators of the violence. The authorities are set to investigate and hold those responsible accountable for the orchestrated chaos. The incident has sparked debates on the safety of those tasked with upholding the law and maintaining civic order.

The Haldwani curfew paints a grim picture of civic unrest and the risks faced by law enforcement and municipal workers. It serves as a stark reminder of the challenges in maintaining order in a society fraught with tensions and conflicting interests.