Tuesday , July 23 2024
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Google Introduces Virtual Try-On Tool for Apparel with Generative AI

Google has unveiled an innovative ‘Virtual Try-On for Apparel’ tool, leveraging advanced generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This groundbreaking tool allows users to visualize clothing on a wide array of real models and offers the flexibility to choose from different body types.

According to a recent blog post by the tech giant, “Thanks to our new virtual try-on tool on Search, you can now assess whether a garment suits you before making a purchase.”

The newly developed generative AI model can accurately simulate the drape, fold, cling, stretch, as well as the formation of wrinkles and shadows, based on just a single image of the clothing. It can achieve this level of realism on a diverse range of real models, each posing in various ways.

Users are given the option to select models in sizes ranging from XXS to 4XL, representing different skin tones, body shapes, ethnicities, and hair types. Women’s tops from various renowned brands such as Anthropologie, Everlane, H&M, and LOFT can now be virtually tried on by shoppers in the United States, thanks to Google’s latest feature.

To access this exciting tool, users can simply tap on products labeled with the “Try On” badge while using the Search function. From there, they can select the model that resonates with them the most.

Additionally, Google has introduced enhanced product refinement capabilities for US shoppers. Through the utilization of machine learning and cutting-edge visual matching algorithms, users can now narrow down their product search based on criteria such as color, style, and pattern.

“Unlike shopping in a physical store, you are not limited to a single retailer. Instead, you’ll have access to options from various online stores. This feature is currently available for tops and can be found within the product listings,” Google explained.

With the introduction of the ‘Virtual Try-On for Apparel’ tool and the enhanced product refinement features, Google aims to revolutionize the online shopping experience. Users can now make more informed decisions about their purchases, ensuring greater satisfaction and minimizing the need for returns or exchanges.