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Gold Rate Today: Gold prices fall again, golden opportunity to buy! Know the price of 10 grams of gold


Gold and Silver prices are trading flat. Bullion prices are sluggish in the MCX i.e. domestic futures market. Gold was seen trading with a slight decline at Rs 59346 per 10 grams. While silver is also trading at 71200 level on MCX. The reason for the slowness in gold and silver is the slowness in the international market. Gold and silver prices have also declined in the bullion market.

According to the official website of the India Bullion and Jewelers Association (, the price of 10 grams of gold of 999 purity on Friday evening Sharfa reached the level of 60142 in the market. Which has reached the level of 59973 with a fall of Rs 169 today. Gold of 995 purity fell by Rs 168 to close at Rs 59,733 and gold of 916 purity fell by Rs 155 to close at Rs 54,935. If we talk about silver, there is a boom in silver. Silver is currently seen at a level of Rs 70969 with an increase of Rs 469 per kg.

Missed call from IBJA to know gold and silver rates
And rates are not published on Saturdays and Sundays except on public holidays by the central government. You can give a missed call to 8955664433 to know the retail price of 22K and 18K gold jewellery. Within few minutes you will get the rates via SMS. Also for frequent updates you can Can visit at


identification of purity in this way
There is a way to check the purity of jewelry. In which many types of marks related to Hallmark are seen. The purity of the jewelry can be identified by this mark. Their size ranges from one carat to 24 carats. 22 carat gold is used to make jewellery. Hallmarking is mandatory on jewellery. 24 carat gold is pure gold. The number 999 will be seen written on it. However, 24K gold does not make jewellery. Gold jewelry will be made from 22 carat gold with 916 written on it. 875 numbers will be engraved on 21 carat gold jewelry. 750 rupees will be engraved on 18 carat jewelry. While 585 will be seen written on 14 carat jewelry.

You can check the correctness through the app.If
If you are also going to buy gold in the market, then buy gold only after seeing the hallmark. You can also use the official app to check the purity of gold. Through ‘BIS Care App’ you can check the purity of gold whether it is real or fake. Apart from this, you can also complain through this app.

What is the difference between 24, 22, 21, 18 and 14 carats?
24 carat gold is very pure. It is called the purest gold. It does not contain any other metal impurities. This is called 99.9 percent pure gold. 22 carat gold contains 91.67 percent pure gold. Another 8.33 percent consists of an alloy of another metal. While 21 carat gold contains 87.5 percent pure gold. 18 carat gold contains 75% pure gold. While 14 carat gold contains 58.5 per cent pure gold and the rest is mixed with other metals.