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Garibon ka paisa… Users got angry seeing Ananya bargaining with the shopkeeper


Seeing the lifestyle of Bollywood stars, it often seems that they do not miss anything or what these stars will do with someone. But Bollywood actress Ananya Pandey has shared a video of it. In which she was seen not only checking the prices, but also made many purchases for just 1000 rupees. Actually Ananya Pandey has been given a task. Where he has to buy the most goods in 1000 rupees.

The shopkeeper was persuaded by the lure of selfie


It can be seen in the video that Ananya goes to a local market and starts buying many fashion items from there. She has bought hair clips, handbags and many other small items. But when it comes to payment, their budget goes above 1000. After which Ananya started showing bargaining skills. After this, after much conversation, he convinced the shopkeeper in the lure of selfie.

Now Ananya Pandey is facing a lot of trolling for this video. People say that she does not bargain when she goes to a big mall. A user commented and wrote that keep looting the money of the poor. Another user wrote that no one bargains when she wears branded clothes. Bargain with the poor.




At the same time, some users also say that it is overacting. Let us tell you that this is not the first time for Ananya Pandey that she is facing trolling, sometimes she is trolled for her statement and sometimes for her reaction. By the way, Ananya has appeared in many films so far, but the actress is still looking for a big film.