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Friend’s wife who came for dinner was beaten up! This CSK player ruined the life of Team India’s batsman!


Dinesh Karthik Life Story: Sometimes no matter how strong the relationship is, it can turn sour. Such situations sound interesting but hurt a lot. Can you believe that similar sad stories have happened in the life of a star cricketer? Yes, one such incident happened in the life of Team India’s star cricketer Dinesh Karthik.

Team India K cricketer Dinesh Karthik has played many matches like Aapthbhandav. Apart from this, he has won the team on his own. But once their married life becomes like a derailed train, Nambok won’t be able to do it.


Dinesh Karthik married his childhood sweetheart Nikita Vanzara in 2007. Then Dinesh Karthik was 21 years old. Nikita and Dinesh’s father are very good acquaintances. For this reason, both the families gave their consent for the marriage of the children.


In the year 2012 i.e. after five years of marriage, Nikita Vanzara married Dinesh Karthik’s friend Murali Vijay. Sources close to him told that Dinesh Karthik was very angry with this. Dinesh Karthik came to know about this in 2012 while living in Tamil Nadu. After this Dinesh Karthik got divorced from Nikita Vanzara.

Indian cricket team opener Murali Vijay has announced his retirement from international cricket. He had decided to retire on 30 January 2023. Earlier he was out of the team for more than 4 years. He later announced that he would not return to the Indian cricket team.


Vijay’s personal life, famous for hitting long sixes on the field, is also very different. Tell that who does not know the wicket-keeper batsman Dinesh Karthik, who has played 3 World Cups for India. Vijay and Karthik used to be good friends once. But their friendship did not last long. The reason for this is the blossoming love between Vijay and his wife Nikita Vanzara. Vijay loved Karthik’s wife without thinking about the relation of friendship. Dinesh introduces Vijay to Nikita. He was playing for Mumbai Indians in the 5th season of IPL i.e. 2013. At that time Nikita used to come to the stadium to watch his match.

Nikita and Vijay become good friends after meeting during the IPL. Both started liking each other’s company. Karthik is shocked to know this. Its effect was seen in his game. Due to poor performance, he had to play for different teams in two consecutive seasons. He played for Delhi in 2014 and Bangalore in 2015.

As soon as Karthik learns about Vijay and Nikita’s affair, he divorces them. It was only during the divorce that it was revealed that Nikita was going to be a mother. After this she immediately married Vijay. If media reports are to be believed, there was a lot of fight between Vijay and Karthik after this incident. Dinesh was very sad when such an incident happened. But two years later, in August 2015, Dinesh married Dipika Pallikal, an international squash player.

Dinesh Karthik met squash player Dipika Pallikal during the gym. The closeness between the two increased and in 2015 both of them got married. Both were married according to Hindu rituals and Christian rituals. Now this couple is living happily.


It can be said that Dipika Pallikal completely changed the life of Dinesh Karthik. Dinesh Karthik and Dipika Pallikal have become parents to twins only last year. Now that Dinesh Karthik is happy with his family life, he is scaling new heights in cricket as well.