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FPIA in May Rs. 37,316 crores invested


Foreign institutional investors in the Indian market this May invested Rs. 37,316 crore has been invested. Which is the peak of the last 10 months in terms of monthly investment. FPI investments are being viewed positively on the back of strong macro-economic conditions at the local level. His returns are looking positive for the third consecutive month. Earlier in November 2022, he had Rs. As per the depository data, Rs 36,239 crore was infused.

In April he paid Rs. 11,630 crore was invested. While in March Rs. 7,936 crore was invested. A positive investment in March was on account of GQG Partners, a US-based investor in Adani Group. Net investment in March was negative if Adani’s investment is excluded. During the first two calendar months, the FPI stood at Rs. 34,000 crore net sales. Apart from equity, AFPI in the debt market stood at Rs. 1,432 crore was invested.

Net FPI inflows in the current calendar so far stood at Rs. 22,737 cr are seen. Macroeconomic data will continue to be important for FPI flows going forward. According to analysts at a leading broking company, inflows are strong due to good earnings season and fair valuation of Indian equities.