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Flipkart’s pan-India platform guarantees dreams and success


Filpkart has continuously helped small businesses to spread their products across the country. Flipkart’s e-commerce platform is becoming a show case for him. For this they have invested and committed.

Filpkart has helped small business entrepreneurs across the country realize their dreams and become self-reliant through e-commerce. The e-commerce success story of Ankur Tulsyan and Mohit Vaghela confirms the shift from traditional business methods to e-commerce. This allows direct contact with customers, and gives direct insider information on user preferences.

Filpkart is a national level marketplace. That (Bhumika)’s platform over the years has given countless people the opportunity to increase their income and become self-reliant. Today ‘Philipkart-Smart’ provides livelihood to 1.5 lakh people in the country. Also, the efforts of Filpkart are becoming a strong factor for the better life of the local people.

Painting of Surat Sarees:

The Family Adventures of Ankur Tulsyan, ‘J.R. The success of Dyeing and Printing Mills is attributed to the growing popularity of e-commerce by Filpkart.

Surat is famous for textile industry. ‘JR Dyeing and Printing’ is one of the oldest saree manufacturing units in the city. Ankur realized that selling online was more efficient and faster than selling through middlemen, agents, small wholesalers and retail chains. Therefore, Ankur used to get information about the needs of the customers immediately. So he could change the design immediately. Comparing online sales to the difference between a theater and a cinema, he says that not only can one quickly produce varieties of sarees, that e-commerce can imagine how its “audience” reacts. Give, and immediately.

Sales declined due to the impact of the Kovid-19 pandemic. But he thanked Filpkart for the strong relationship he built through Filpkart. That’s what he says. The team of Filpkart was in constant touch with him and together they maintained his business.

Now the orders have doubled and Ankur is optimistic about his business with the e-commerce platform of Filpkart.

there is no age limit for dreams

Mohit Vaghela’s story proves that age is just a number when you are determined to make your dreams come true. Since he was a college student, Mohit started his ‘adventure’ to sell his ‘beauty and cosmetic’ products under the name Estrelo.

Although he was young, with no money, Mohit was determined to start his own business, Flipkart gave him all the support he needed to start the business. Thanks to the sales support of Filpkart, Mohit was able to register his business, start selling his products online. Earlier, orders for only Rs 60 used to come. His business started from that has reached a turnover of five crore rupees annually. He gives the credit of his success to Philpakart. Attribution: He credits the success of its sales and visual ‘Big-Billion-Days’ to the Filpkart team.

He himself is successful, but he is also increasing the business by hiring others. Also helps the employees. For this, he gives credit to Filpkart, saying that due to its delivery system, he can sell his products across the country.

Mohit’s story is inspirational for young entrepreneurs. Age is no barrier, with determination, tenacity and the support of Flipkart anyone can achieve their dreams.