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First Indian female wrestler Kavita Devi will be biopic


Indian women are not behind in any matter. Kavita Devi is known to the world as one of the first Indian female wrestlers to compete in WWE, which proves her passion and fighting skills. Kavita Devi, India’s first female wrestler, has left no stone unturned to shine the name of the country with her wrestling. According to reports, a film is going to be made on Kavita Devi, the first Indian female wrestler in WWE.

A biopic will be made on Kavita Devi

Preparations are underway to make a biopic film on Kavita Devi, who will make the name of the country very soon in WWE. Producer Preeti Agarwal has bought the rights related to Kavita Devi’s life for this film. In this biopic, Preity Agarwal will try her best to show Kavita Devi’s journey from struggle to success.

About the decision to make Kavita Devi’s biopic, producer Preeti Agarwal said, ‘Kavita Devi’s entire life has been very inspiring. At every turn of life, he showed the spirit of struggle and never gave up. WWE has always been considered a men’s game. But gradually women from all over the world started participating in this game, but there was no representation of Indian women in this very popular game.

So in this way Kavita Devi showed how much power Indian women have and decided to jump into the ring of WWE and she has achieved many achievements on behalf of India. Not only that, after marriage, Kavita decided to stay away from the game due to family obligations, but she continued to play in WWE thanks to her husband’s support.

Who will play the role of Kavita Devi?

About the film, Zeeshan Ahmed said, ‘Currently, work on the script of the film based on Kavita Devi is in full swing. After the writing of the film is complete, the entire cast and crew working on the film will also be announced from the date the film starts shooting.

Along with this, Zeeshan Ahmed said about the role of Kavita Devi, ‘It is too early to take any decision about this. Currently, the writing of the film is going on. We will choose the most capable actor for the title role of the film. Along with this, Zeeshan Ahmed further said, ‘Through this film, not only Indian women, but every girl in the world will dare to look at life in a new way.