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Fire in 7-storey building in Sydney, embers spread on the road


A massive fire broke out in a building in Sydney, Australia on Thursday. The building is located near the city’s central station. The fire is so fierce that its smoke can be seen for many kilometers. Some part of the building has collapsed due to the fire. Over 100 fire brigade personnel have been deployed at the spot to douse the blaze in the building. Efforts are being made to control the fire.

trying to get the fire under control


NSW Fire and Rescue Deputy Commissioner Field Operations Jeremy Footrell said it would take a long time to get the fire under control. He has said that his team is working hard to control the fire. His team may have to work till night and morning. An eyewitness said parts of the building collapsed as the fire broke out on the street.

Due to the fire, the electricity system on the road came to a standstill in this area. Fire and Rescue said that they received several triple zero calls after 4 pm. Flames engulfed the seven-story building on Randall Street in Surry Hills. A portion of the building collapsed and the flames spread to nearby residential houses.

embers were raining


A person living about 100 meters away from the building said that it is essentially a candlestick. The building fire originally looked like the apocalypse. Eyewitnesses told that due to the fire, ashes were falling everywhere, embers were raining. He was working at his home when he smelled smoke just after 4 p.m. and when he looked up, he heard cracking and banging noises coming from the building.