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Finance workers took a dreadful step for not paying the loan installment, how did the old man ask the police for help..?

New Delhi- A case of insensitivity has come to the fore from the Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh, here in a village, the microfinance employee has forcibly taken away the goods kept in the house for not being able to deposit the loan installment. When the video of this incident went viral on social media, there was a stir among the people. In the video, 3 employees of the finance company are seen giving wheat and gorillas on their bikes. In this case, the aggrieved farmer demanded action against the finance personnel by giving Tahrir to the police station Ikouna, the police registered the case and got involved in the investigation.

Please tell that Durga Paswan’s four sons all of them live separately with their families in Vedpur village of Rudrapur tehsil police station Ikouna area. Durga does not have a wife and he lives alone by doing farming and wages and cooking himself. His younger son Indrajit does painting work in Chennai. And his wife i.e. Durga’s daughter-in-law Archana, who used to live in her maternal home and sometimes in her in-law’s house, had taken a loan of 45 thousand from the microfinance company about 6 months ago. Whose finance personnel reached Archana’s village i.e. her in-law’s Baida village on July 7 to take the fifth installment. When it was found there, she was not in the village. On this, the employees of the finance company told that his father-in-law Durga Paswan lives separately from his daughter-in-law, on which they started pressurizing him to deposit the installment of 24 hundred.

When Durga Paswan did not give the money, the finance employees started demanding money by selling ration. On this poor helpless Durga told him that he would not go to sell. Which the finance company opened the lock of the room and went away with 2 sacks of wheat and mustard. When the video of this incident is going viral on social media. So the victim made a written complaint about this whole matter in the police station Ikouna, which is being investigated by the police on the allegation of Durga. that when she is not with him. So why should he pay its installment and why should he give food there?

On the same matter, Deoria’s SP Sankalp Sharma told that some people of a microfinance company were accused of taking home dance in lieu of non-payment of installments in lieu of the company’s loan. An inquiry has been ordered. Further action will be taken on the basis of the facts that will come out in this.