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Father and son will graze together, luck of these zodiac signs will shine


Soon Sun and Saturn are going to change zodiac together. That is, in the month of June, Sun and Saturn are going to transit together. Actually Sun is transiting in Gemini on 15th June and Saturn is transiting in its own sign Aquarius on 17th June. The transit of Sun and Saturn together is considered very important in astrology because Sun and Saturn have a father-son relationship. However, the father-son relationship is not good.

According to the Hindu calendar, Sun will transit in Gemini on June 15 at 06:07 and then in Cancer on July 16. Also, on June 17, at 10.48 pm, Saturn will transit in Aquarius. Thus Saturn and Sun will transit together. Whose effect will be positive on some zodiac signs and negative on some zodiac signs. Let us know which zodiac signs will be affected by this transit of Sun and Saturn.



Due to the transit of Sun and Saturn, the people of Gemini will get prestige in the field of work. There will be tremendous success in the government sector. You will also control your expenses, due to which your life will be harmonious. Professionally, you will get good profit and progress in job or business. During this transit, you will get full results of your hard work. Those who were thinking of buying a new house or vehicle, their wish can be fulfilled. Will also enjoy family life. During this time you can get good news.


The people of Leo zodiac will get the support of luck due to the transit of Sun and Saturn. There will be peace in your family. You can earn good money through property. Businessmen will benefit. Health will improve, participation in religious works will prove beneficial. During this, your image can also be strengthened socially.



The transit of Sun and Saturn will be good for the people of Virgo. You will get to see good time in your life. Financially, your position will be strong and you will move towards success during this period. Students will get success. You will get full support of your colleagues and colleagues. Although your expenses may increase slightly, but there is no need to worry because these expenses will not stop any work.