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“Exploring India’s Visa-Free Railway Station: A Traveler’s Dream

Passport Required At These Railway Stations: 

The Indian Railways, often referred to as the lifeline of the nation, offers a plethora of services to its passengers. With the title “Passport Required At These Railway Stations,” we explore a unique facet of India’s railway network. Among the thousands of railway stations in the country, there are a few that require passengers to have a visa and passport for entry. In this article, we will delve into the details of these stations, why passports are necessary, and the trains that operate from them.

The Lone Visa-Required Railway Station

India’s vast railway network boasts numerous stations, but only one necessitates a visa and passport for entry – the Atari Railway Station. Situated in Amritsar, Punjab, this station falls under the jurisdiction of the Northern Railway zone. Visitors to Atari Railway Station must present their passports to purchase tickets and access the platform.

Why Is a Visa Necessary?

Atari Railway Station is unique in its requirement for a visa because it is not only a part of India but also shares its border with Pakistan. To visit this station, passengers need approval from the Pakistani authorities as well. Failure to provide a visa and passport can lead to detainment and penalties. Travelers caught without the required documents could potentially face charges under the Foreign Act 14.

Trains That Operate Here

Several trains run to and from Atari Railway Station, connecting passengers to different parts of the country. Some of the notable trains include:

1. Delhi-Atari Express

The Delhi-Atari Express is a popular choice for passengers traveling between the national capital, Delhi, and Atari. It provides a comfortable and convenient mode of transportation.

2. Amritsar-Atari DMU

The Amritsar-Atari DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) serves the local passengers commuting between Amritsar and Atari. It offers frequent services throughout the day.

3. Jabalpur-Atari Special Trains

Jabalpur-Atari Special trains are special services that connect Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh with Atari. These trains cater to the passengers traveling to this unique destination.

4. Samjhauta Express

The Samjhauta Express is an international train that operates between Delhi, India, and Lahore, Pakistan. It stops at Atari Railway Station for passengers traveling to and from Pakistan.

5. Passenger Trains

In addition to the aforementioned trains, Atari Railway Station also serves as a stop for various passenger trains, ensuring connectivity to nearby towns and cities.

Please note that as of now, both Atari Railway Station and the Samjhauta Express are temporarily suspended. Be sure to check the latest updates and availability before planning your journey.


Atari Railway Station, with its unique visa and passport requirement, stands as a testament to the complex relationship between India and Pakistan. While it may pose certain challenges for travelers, it also serves as a symbol of the shared history and connections between the two nations.