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Experience Divine Blessings at Your Doorstep: Online Reservations for This Shaktipeeth

Shaktipeeth in Himachal Pradesh: A Spiritual Journey to the Abode of Devi

In the sacred realm of India, countless devotees from all corners of the world flock to the temples, seeking the blessings of the divine. Among these temples, those dedicated to the ‘Shaktipeeth’ and ‘Jyotirlinga’ hold a prominent place. Himachal Pradesh is home to several renowned temples, and one such divine abode is the Mata Chintapurni Temple, a Shaktipeeth. Devotees from far and wide visit this temple to seek the benevolence of Mata Rani. What’s more, now you can receive the sacred prasad of this temple from the comfort of your home.

An Online Prasad Booking Service Begins

On a recent Monday, authorities announced the initiation of a new service, facilitated by the Chintapurni Temple Trust, allowing devotees to order the temple’s prasad online. As this new service unfolds, Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri mentioned that efforts are being made to magnify the grandeur of Mata Chintapurni’s divine abode and to provide improved facilities to the devotees.

Notably, there has been a growing demand for Mata Chintapurni’s prasad, and now you can order it online for just INR 1,100. This initiative ensures that all devotees have access to the chosen prasad, blessings, offerings, and the holy Charanamrit.

Witness the ‘3-D Darshan’ of the Devi

In the Mata Chintapurni Temple, a ‘3-D Darshan’ service was introduced to allow devotees to have a glimpse of Mata Rani. This virtual darshan initiative has been a tremendous success, contributing over a hundred million INR to the Chintapurni Temple’s funds.

The Deputy Chief Minister disclosed that the Himachal Pradesh government is ardently working to promote religious tourism and, as part of this endeavor, state transport buses are now operating to facilitate pilgrims’ travel to religious sites.


The Mata Chintapurni Temple holds a special place in the hearts of devotees, and with the advent of online prasad booking, the spiritual journey becomes even more accessible. This initiative not only caters to the ever-increasing demand for prasad but also extends the blessings of Mata Rani to a broader audience. The ‘3-D Darshan’ service adds a unique dimension to the devotional experience, making it a profound and memorable journey for devotees.

Experience the divine grace of Mata Chintapurni in the comfort of your own home, and make this spiritual connection even stronger.