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Esha Deol said – I will make such a film, which will have a positive effect on the mind of the viewers

Actress Esha Deol is making a comeback in Bollywood after ten years. Apart from acting, Isha has also made her debut as a producer in the comeback. Her starrer and produced film ‘Ek Dua’ released on OTT on July 26, while the upcoming film ‘Rudra’ opposite Ajay Devgn. Apart from this, there are other projects in her hands, but she wants her to be announced by the production house. In a special conversation with a website, Isha has shared many things about her film and comeback.

For whom are you praying in the film Ek Dua?
I am playing the character of Abida in the film. I have a dialogue, where I say that you are the gift of Allah. Who are we to decide about this? Dua is being sought for one thing in the film. Gender discrimination is a big issue. Apart from this, there are many issues in the film. I claim that these things will touch the hearts of those who watch the film.

In the film, she has become the mother of two children, so what did she have to do to prepare for the character?
I am a mother myself in real life. I also have two children. I had to completely get into the emotional journey of my character in the film. She had to perform by focusing on the feeling of the mind she goes through as a mother. I had to gain weight for this character, so I gained weight well. After doing the film, I had to lose weight for another project, which I worked very hard to reduce. Well, in a dua, I am looking like a very hot and normal woman, because 10-12 kgs have put on weight comfortably. After this, the shooting of the second project Rudra will start immediately. For this, my normal weight had to come there. It takes time to grow. But it did not take as much time to gain weight as it took to reduce it. By the way, let me tell you that I enjoy taking care of fitness and diet. I love working out I love to eat, so I eat the right food at the right time.

What is the main objective of entering the construction sector, what kind of projects will you create under production?
I aim to make such a film, where there is a positive impact on the mind of the viewer. Seeing any picture, then it should have a positive effect on the mind. Look, I have to focus more on the subject. I will make such films which have any meaning and meaning. Like a prayer has been made. I will say again that I want to bring a positive change to the mind of the viewers. If I can make this type of project, then I will make it. Ek Dua is my first film as a producer. Its story was offered to me as an actor. But this story touched my heart. Its topic is Arvannes, so I thought I should make this story as a producer. That’s how I created Bharat Isha Films. Then a Dua film was made under our banner. This is our small contribution on a big topic.

Talking about acting, what kind of role would you like to play in the comeback?
When I joined Bollywood, I was an 18-year-old teenager, then did that type of role. Now to be seen, then I am a wife and mother. In such a situation, being a woman, make the meaning full and funny, I would like to play such a role. Whoever certifies me as an actor, I want to work in such a way.

Tell us something about Rudra doing a film with Ajay Devgan?
I can’t say much more about it. The setup is very good. It feels great to be back with Ajay as we have done many films together in the past. There is a comfort level between us as actors. This is a good thing for us.

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