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“Epic Showdown at Chess World Cup 2023: Praggnanandhaa vs. Carlsen – A Thrilling Tiebreak Decides the Champion

Praggnanandhaa vs Magnus Carlsen Chess Final Tie-Break: Thrilling Showdown at FIDE World Cup

In an exhilarating clash at the FIDE World Cup Chess Tournament, the final showdown unfolded between Praggnanandhaa and Magnus Carlsen. Both rounds concluded in draws, leaving the fans on edge. The spotlight in the final is on the 18-year-old prodigy, Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa, facing off against the world’s number one player, Magnus Carlsen. The battle between them was intense and captivating. Now, following the two drawn rounds, a tie-breaker will determine the victor on August 24th.

Unveiling the Rules of the Tie-Breaker

The FIDE World Cup Chess Tournament’s final phase witnesses two classical games. Should both encounters end in a draw, the tie-breaker format comes into play. The tie-breaker consists of two games, each lasting 25 minutes. If these games also result in a draw, a rapid tie-breaker of 10 minutes per player ensues. If the deadlock persists, an even shorter 5-minute round for each player follows. Furthermore, if needed, sudden-death rounds of 3 minutes per player could decide the winner.

The Road through the FIDE World Cup

Through the FIDE World Cup Chess Tournament, three players secure their places in the Candidates Tournament. Praggnanandhaa has not only advanced to the final of the World Cup Chess Tournament but also secured a spot in the Candidates Tournament. The Candidates Tournament involves a total of 8 players, and the winner earns the chance to challenge reigning World Cup Champion, Ding Liren of China, and claim the title of World Champion.

Praggnanandhaa’s Journey to the Final

Remarkably, Praggnanandhaa paved his way to the final by defeating Fabiano Caruana, the world’s third-ranked player, in the semifinals with a score of 3.5-2.5. Notably, he becomes only the second Indian to reach the final. Prior to him, the legendary Vishwanathan Anand had also achieved this feat in the World Cup’s final phase. The tie-breaker will now determine whether Praggnanandhaa can seize the championship title in the final or not. The outcome is set to captivate chess enthusiasts worldwide.