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Empowering Palestinian Women: The Secret Behind Their Pill-Driven Resilience During the Israel-Hamas Conflict

Israel Hamas War Latest News: You may be asking yourself what the need for war is. But history itself answers this question. In the fight for land, in the fight to save their existence, people, society and nation get entangled with each other. In the war between Israel and Hamas, there is a battle for land for some, and for someone it is an exercise to preserve existence. Blood is flowing from both sides in the battle for land and existence. There is tension on both sides and the biggest impact is on women. Israel’s campaign against Hamas terrorists continues and its impact is clearly visible on the Gaza Strip. Due to the fighting, there is no electricity or water in the areas of Gaza. Due to lack of water, salt water of the sea has to be used. At the same time, the refugee camps are so crowded that women are not getting privacy and due to that they have to use pills to stop periods.

Pills to stop periods.

Pills can be eaten to prevent periods, but due to war, women are forced to eat pills due to lack of privacy, then the seriousness of the situation can be understood automatically. Here we will mention the problem of Salma, a Palestinian woman. But thousands of women like Salma who have the same problems. The reason for the problem is the lack of privacy and the compulsion to eat pills to stop periods due to lack of privacy. In fact, due to the fighting, there has been a shortage of sanitary napkins, tampons in the Gaza Strip and due to this, troubled women are forced to eat period pills. While women know what the side effects of pills are.

Salma is just an example.

Salma was forced to leave home when Israel bombed Gaza’s Tel Al Hawa city. She is currently living in the Deir al-Balah camp in central Gaza. According to Salma, fear has made its place in the hearts and minds of thousands of women like her. I am going through a period of depression every day. Salma says that she is going through the worst phase due to this war. He had his periods twice in the month of October and was having heavy bleeding. She went to a nearby chemist’s shop and asked for sanitary napkins, the shopkeeper replied that instead of sanitary napkins, you can take period pills and you have to take pills under compulsion.

Ruba Sif also mentions some similar problems. They say that there is no water in the bathroom. There are no sanitary napkins at the drug stores, they have no other way in such a situation, it is impossible to bear the menstrual camp, so they have to take the help of pills to prevent periods. At the same time, doctors say that there are many disadvantages of eating period pills, such as the natural hormone cycle worsens, abdominal pain, nausea becomes normal.

Impact on about 14 million people

Some 14.8500 million people have been displaced from one area to another in Gaza due to the fighting, camping in UN-built refugee camps. Hundreds of people are packed in each room in the camps and children and women are the most affected, due to lack of water, they have to wash utensils with sea water, in this fight, <> Palestinian civilians have been reported killed so far, most of them women and children. Israel is constantly warning people living in northern Gaza to move towards central and southern Gaza.