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Empowering Change: Women Warriors Step Up in SoG to Crush Terrorism

2758854 JkEmpowering Women in Jammu-Kashmir: The Rise of Female SOG Personnel

In the ongoing battle against terrorism, the Special Operations Group (SoG) of the Jammu Kashmir Police has embraced a new vigor. The Special Operations Group of Jammu and Kashmir, which has long played a vital role in anti-terrorism campaigns, has now significantly bolstered its strength by incorporating female personnel. This progressive step marks a pivotal moment in the fight against extremism.

Why the Need for Female SOG Personnel?

The deployment of female SOG personnel comes as a response to the evolving challenges faced by security agencies. Recognizing the necessity during operations and noting the utilization of female criminals and Over Ground Workers (OGWs) by terrorist organizations, the inclusion of women in the SOG signifies a staunch opposition to nefarious designs of terrorism.

Specialized Intensive Training for Women

These female SOG personnel have undergone rigorous training for a period of three months. Their training regimen encompasses anti-terrorism operations, jungle warfare tactics, as well as maintaining law and order. Furthermore, they have been equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry to effectively combat threats.

A Crucial Example of Women Empowerment

Alongside their deployment, these women have been assigned nakas (checkpoints) and operational duties. This step by the Jammu-Kashmir Police signifies a significant contribution towards women’s empowerment. Amidst the backdrop of terrorist threats and criminal incidents during elections, these female SOG personnel are stationed at various checkpoints across Jammu city, disrupting the nefarious plans of anti-national elements.

Te inclusion of female SOG personnel in the fight against terrorism not only enhances the operational capabilities of security forces but also serves as a testament to the empowerment of women in society. As these brave women continue to defy stereotypes and contribute towards the nation’s security, their presence becomes indispensable in the ongoing battle against extremism.