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EMI Hacks: Sneakily Slash Your Home Loan Burden and Finish It Off in 6 Years

Understanding Home Loan EMI and Prepayment Strategies

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently increased the repo rate, leading to a challenging situation for home loan borrowers, as interest rates have surged by 2.5% or more. This means that if the interest rate rises from 7% to 9.25%, someone with a 40 lakh INR home loan taken over 20 years will have to pay an additional 15 lakh INR in interest. However, there’s hope for a rate reduction if the RBI decides to lower the repo rate. In the meantime, understanding loan prepayment strategies can help borrowers save on interest costs.

The Power of Prepayment

Your Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) is influenced by both the principal amount and the interest component. The higher your principal amount, the larger the interest component in your EMI. By gradually reducing your outstanding principal, you can reduce the interest portion of your EMI, allowing you to pay off your principal more quickly. This is where prepayment comes into play. Experts suggest that the sooner you plan your prepayment, the faster your interest reduces.

The Strength of Small Prepayments

You don’t have to make substantial prepayments to make a difference. Even small, regular prepayments can save you a considerable amount in the long run. For example, if you’ve taken a 50 lakh INR loan at 7% interest for 20 years, your EMI will be 38,765 INR, and your total repayment will be 43.03 lakh INR. If you make an extra EMI payment at the beginning of the loan, your tenure will reduce by three months. This demonstrates the effectiveness of prepayment.

Choosing the Right Prepayment Plan

When planning your prepayment, remember that banks typically don’t charge any fees for prepayment. So, if you take a 20-year loan and start making prepayments from day one, it will reduce your loan tenure. When planning prepayments, ensure they align with your budget. Alongside prepayments, continue regular EMI payments as well. Whether small or large, prepayments should be a consistent practice.

Strategies for Effective Prepayment

There are several strategies to consider when planning your loan prepayment:

  1. Annual Extra EMI: Pay one additional EMI each year. This can significantly reduce your interest and tenure.
  2. Yearly Prepayments: Make a 5-10% prepayment of your loan amount every year.
  3. Partial Prepayment: Make occasional prepayments whenever you have surplus funds.

Calculating the Benefits

Let’s take a closer look at how these strategies can benefit you. Suppose you have a 40 lakh INR home loan for 20 years at an interest rate of 9.5%. Your monthly EMI will be 37,285 INR.

However, by making an additional EMI payment at the beginning of each year, you can save up to 11.73 lakh INR. This not only reduces your total interest payment but also shortens your loan tenure to just 16 years and one month.

Another approach is to increase your EMI by 10%. By paying 41,014 INR instead of 37,285 INR, you can save approximately 16.89 lakh INR in interest payments. Your loan will be paid off in just 14 years and one month.

If you opt to make yearly prepayments of 50,000 INR, you can save around 14.47 lakh INR in interest and pay off your 20-year loan in just 15 years.


In the face of rising interest rates, understanding the power of loan prepayment can help borrowers save significantly on interest costs. By adopting effective prepayment strategies, you can reduce your loan tenure and the overall financial burden. So, take control of your finances and explore prepayment options to secure a brighter financial future.