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Emergency landing of Air Force helicopter in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh


On 29 May, the emergency landing of an Indian Air Force Chinook helicopter in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhind district caused an uproar. The helicopter landed in Jakholi village between Bhind and Etawah. The pilot landed the Chinook in farmer Baburam’s field. As soon as the incident was reported, the district administration team reached the spot. Meanwhile, there is no news of any loss of life and property. After the incident which took place in the Nayagaon police station area, a crowd of people gathered at the scene.



On the morning of May 29, the villagers of Jakholi village were working in their fields. Meanwhile, he suddenly heard a loud roar. The villagers saw the helicopter descending from the sky. Seeing this, the villagers vacated the fields. The Air Force pilot chose Baburam’s farm for landing. Here their emergency landing could be done without any problem. The pilot slowly landed the helicopter and turned off the engine and got out.


The villagers were scared

As soon as the news of the helicopter landing was received, a large number of villagers started gathering at the spot. Seeing this, a huge crowd gathered near the helicopter. People took out their mobile phones and started making videos and taking pictures. People were surprised to see the Chinook helicopter in front. Villagers said they were surprised to see the helicopter. Because, they have never seen such a big helicopter before. Villagers said they were scared by the sound of the helicopter until they saw it.

An administrative officer was sent to the spot

Meanwhile, someone from the crowd informed the district administration about this. As soon as the news of the emergency landing of the Air Force helicopter was received, the administrative officials immediately reached the spot. Please be informed that no loss of life or property was reported during this landing. The entire staff, including the pilot, is safe. Officials are investigating the incident.