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Elon Musk’s Surprising Move: WhatsApp Welcomes Audio and Video Calls for X Users

Twitter’s Evolution Under Elon Musk’s Leadership: What to Expect


In recent times, the social media landscape has been abuzz with the significant changes happening at Twitter, now referred to as ‘X.’ Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur known for his involvement in companies like Tesla and SpaceX, has taken over the reins of Twitter and is leaving his mark by reshaping the platform. This article explores the transformation happening at ‘X’ under Musk’s leadership, highlighting the latest developments and what Twitter users can anticipate.

Elon Musk’s Takeover

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter was a groundbreaking event. With his forward-thinking approach, Musk is determined to redefine the way social media functions. His vision for ‘X’ involves turning it into an all-encompassing app capable of addressing a wide array of user needs.

Revamping Functionality

One of the initial changes made by Musk was to revamp the platform’s functionality. This involved streamlining and simplifying features while also introducing innovative elements. The aim is to make ‘X’ a more user-friendly and engaging space.

Subscriptions Over Blue Tick

A noteworthy decision made by Musk was to transition the Blue Tick verification into a subscription-based model. Much like how WhatsApp transformed into an effective communication tool for its users, Musk envisions ‘X’ as a similar platform, emphasizing a more personalized and secure user experience.

A Communication Transformation

One of the major updates in ‘X’ is the introduction of the calling feature. Users can now engage in audio and video calls directly through the app. This feature was highly anticipated and discussed for a considerable period before its implementation.

The Much-Awaited Calling Feature

The addition of the calling feature has generated considerable excitement. It brings a new dimension to the ‘X’ experience, allowing users to communicate more seamlessly. Linda Yaccarino, the CEO of ‘X,’ posted a snapshot of the video call feature on October 26, confirming its imminent arrival.

Linda Yaccarino’s Role

CEO Linda Yaccarino played a pivotal role in the incorporation of this feature. Her proactive stance and collaboration with Musk have been essential in introducing this feature to the platform.

Customizing Call Settings

Users now have the option to customize their call settings, addressing concerns related to privacy and accessibility. ‘X’ provides the flexibility to choose who can make calls to them, whether it’s only verified accounts or their followers.

Ensuring Privacy

This new feature, however, has also raised privacy concerns. By default, the call function is active, which means anyone can call you. To address this, users can navigate to their direct message settings and disable this function. An easily recognizable gear icon guides users through this process.

The Default Dilemma

The default activation of the call feature has led to some apprehension among users. The concern primarily arises from the fact that anyone can initiate a call. However, it is anticipated that ‘X’ will refine this feature in the near future.

Expanding the User Base

Currently, only a limited number of users have access to this feature. It’s expected that ‘X’ will gradually roll out the calling feature to a broader audience, making it accessible to all users.

The Future of Twitter

Elon Musk’s leadership at ‘X’ promises a dynamic future. His focus on innovation and user experience suggests that more changes and improvements are in the pipeline. Twitter, or rather ‘X,’ is poised to become a unique and indispensable platform for its users.

User Experiences

Initial user experiences with the calling feature have been positive. Users appreciate the convenience and the potential it offers for more direct communication.

Rollout and Adoption

The rollout of this feature will be closely monitored, and its adoption is expected to be swift. As more users discover and embrace this new communication tool, ‘X’ will likely become even more integral in their daily lives.


In conclusion, Elon Musk’s transformation of Twitter, now ‘X,’ is introducing significant changes to the platform’s functionality and communication capabilities. The addition of the calling feature represents a substantial leap forward, and as it becomes more widely available, it is expected to redefine how users interact on the platform.