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Election Tech Revolution: Inside Pakistan’s Hot Debate on EVMs and the Game-Changing App by the Election Commission

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Pakistan Election News: Navigating the New Election App

In a bid to swiftly disseminate the results of the general elections in Pakistan, the Election Commission is gearing up with a new app, raising concerns among officials about potential software discrepancies affecting the upcoming Thursday elections.

Unveiling the Election App

The Pakistan Election Commission has developed an app for the centralized broadcasting of results from each polling center, where election officials will tabulate the outcomes.

Is it Reliable?

Some apprehensions have surfaced regarding the reliability of this newly prepared system.

Testing Waters

The Election Commission plans to utilize this system on February 8, asserting that previous nationwide tests of the app have been successful. However, officials from Sindh province have expressed reservations about the system’s integrity following a second round of testing last week.

True or False?

Abdul Kadir Mashori and Usman Khas Kheli, two election officials from Sindh, raised similar concerns about the system’s functionality in their respective letters.

Allegations and Clarifications

Mashori’s letter, sent on February 3, outlined issues that were later resolved, as mentioned in a subsequent communication. He emphasized the app’s unreliability and questioned its validity, hinting at a potential failure or external manipulation.

Doubts on Voter List Accuracy

Mashori’s communication also cast doubt on the accuracy of data on the voter list.

Internet Failures and Backups

Despite these concerns, the Election Commission Secretary, Syed Asif Hussain, assured on Monday that the new system would function even in the event of internet failures. He explained that the app would work through SMS and that officials could gather results offline.

Connectivity in Remote Areas

Hussain highlighted that over 60 election officials in remote areas have been provided with satellite connectivity, ensuring seamless communication.

Hybrid Governance in Question

As Pakistan heads towards a crucial election, political observers speculate about potential deals between the winning party and the military, as the country grapples with economic challenges, inflation, and unemployment.

Fair Elections Unlikely?

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his close aides allege that a pre-deal with the military has already been made, making impartial elections seem improbable.

Terrorist Parties in the Political Arena

A noteworthy aspect of this election is the significant number of aspirants with alleged ties to terrorist activities. The ‘Markazi Muslim League’ party, reportedly associated with Hafiz Saeed, mastermind of the Mumbai attacks and leader of Lashkar-e-Taiba, is participating in the political arena.

Unprecedented Political Landscape

The participation of such parties adds a layer of complexity to the already intricate political landscape.

As the Election Commission assures the public of the app’s reliability, concerns persist, raising questions about the transparency and fairness of the upcoming elections. The intertwining of politics and security challenges poses a unique scenario for Pakistan, as it navigates through this critical electoral period.