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Drone rained on Moscow, many buildings damaged


Moscow : More than a quarter of a year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the fighting continues. Now Russia’s capital Moscow has been attacked. The mayor of Moscow said that many buildings in Moscow were damaged due to the drone attack on Tuesday morning. The Russian army, which was activated in response, has shot down several drones.

The two countries have been at loggerheads with each other since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year. Due to continuous attacks on each other, there is a lot of loss of life. Now on Tuesday morning there has been a drone attack on Russia’s capital Moscow. There, many buildings have been damaged due to the rain of drones.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that there was a drone attack in Moscow on Tuesday morning. The attack damaged several buildings and injured some people. According to the Mayor, the matter of relief is that no one was seriously injured in this attack.

The mayor said that the drone attacks were aimed at high-rise buildings in Moscow. People living in two buildings damaged in the attack have been evacuated. The city’s emergency services have been put on alert. Emergency services personnel are present at the scene. The attack took place in the southern part of the city. Where smoke was also seen rising from some buildings. Due to this people ran out of the houses and came on the streets. The survivors in the buildings were then evacuated by emergency services.

Moscow Governor Andrei Vorobyov also informed about the attack. He said that Moscow was attacked by several drones, which were shot down. It is not yet clear who attacked with the drone.

It has been informed that the Russian army has also become active regarding the drone attack. Several drones have been shot down in the outskirts of Russia. Their number is being told between four to ten.